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  • I got mama's girl. But it's funny; I love my dad a lot better cuz he's awesome, despite that he likes to spoil me whenever I'm home on a break from my apartment and crazy roomies. But it's a very nice quiz.

  • This is so stereotypical...and idiotic. No offense...Who "likes" peeing in a bush?!? I got a 96% Daddy's girl...changed my answer to bush then got 100%! If I understand correctly, you're more of a Daddy's girl if you like peeing in bushes?!?

  • This quiz is useless, and false. Not everyone's mom has high heels. And I don't know anyone who's dad hunts deer or anyone who pee's in bushes. What kind of quiz is this?

  • I got MAM's Girl but i like my dad 2 because he buys me everything i want with no problem!!

  • I love my mom ad my dad equally;)

    iLife hicks
  • I got Daddy's Girl. One problem, I don't have a dad. :,(


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