Are you a daddy's girl or a mama's girl?

There are many lovers of their mothers, and many bothers of their fathers. Your mom loves shopping and high heels and your dad loves the camping in the rain.

Are you a mama's girl? Or are you a daddy's girl? there's only one way to find out... take this quiz! in only a few minutes you could be hangin with you dad, or you mom!

Created by: BuBbLeS
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  1. Do you like shopping?
  2. Do you like the outdoors?
  3. Would you rather go hunting or shopping?
  4. would you rather text someone or talk in person?
  5. Which do you prefer?
  6. Perfume or campfire smell?
  7. Would you rather wear hiking boots or high heels?
  8. What color of camo would you rather wear?
  9. which do you prefer?
  10. Which store do you prefer?
  11. Whichdo you prefer?
  12. Who's cooler?

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Quiz topic: Am I a daddy's girl or a mama's girl?