Would I ever go out with you? (I'm a girl btw)

take this quiz blah blah i dont know what to say here since theres so muchspace ti fill imma girl. u can take this quiz if you are a girl and lessbian

i really dont care if youre lesbian or bi but i prefer straight guys maybe ill love you tho if you get a good score and your a girl. maybe youll change my mind:)

Created by: sara
  1. The first two question had no effect. So how old are you?
  2. So are you a guy or girl?
  3. Do you play any sports?
  4. So what sports do you play?
  5. How tall are you?
  6. How short is your hair?
  7. Do you like baseball? If so, what team do you like?
  8. What kind if music do you like?
  9. Do you like football? If so, what team do u like?
  10. What would you rather watch if you had a choice?
  11. If you could pick the movie, what would you pick?

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