Are you a cyber noob?

There are some people that are internet noobs and some people are internet noobs. What is a internet noob? A internet noob is someone that is stupid on the internet.

Are you a internet noob? if you get a higher score on this quiz its worse than getting a lower score, By taking this quiz you will find out the truth. But thanks to this awesome quiz you will get too find out !

Created by: Ryan

  1. How often are you on
  2. Do you cyberbully?
  3. Do you curse at people on the internet?
  4. Which is your favorite social network out of these?
  5. Which is your favorite social network out of these?
  6. Do you watch videos on the internet
  7. How often do you upload pics on instagram?
  8. Which wifi material is better?
  9. Do you watch tv?
  10. How much youtube subscribers do you have?
  11. Do you follow people on twitter
  12. Do you like instagram?
  13. Do you play games on the internet?
  14. Are you a internet noob?

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Quiz topic: Am I a cyber noob?