Are You a Cyber-Bully?

Cyber-bullying is becoming a big issue in this country. Whether it be facebook, twitter, formspring, AIM, or text messages, the use of these things has caused bullying to rise at a very fast pace.

Are YOU a cyber-bully? Take the quiz to find out if your behavior could potentially be hurting others. It may not be your intention, so you should become aware of your actions so you can begin to stop them.

Created by: english110

  1. Signed on with someone else's screen name to gather info?
  2. Impersonated someone over IM or online?
  3. Forwarded a private IM conversation or text without the permission of the other person?
  4. Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent?
  5. Updated your Facebook status to embarrass somebody else?
  6. Used someone's password for something without their permission?
  7. Created a fake profile for a person?
  8. Posted a question on someone's formspring meant to insult them?
  9. Rudely commented on a person's video on youtube?
  10. Poked fun at a so-called "loser" in any way through means of technology?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Cyber-Bully?