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  • I enjoyed this quiz. I have been crossdressing for many years. This quiz brought back memories of my early dressing experiences when I would wear my sister's clothes. To this day there is nothing I enjoy more than dressing up and looking in the mirror at a beautiful woman.

    • I must add that my sister is almost my height. One of her dresses fit me perfectly. So anytime I was home alone I would always put on her panties, bra and pantie hose and then the dress. I could also fit into her shoes. I would then go and put on my mother's lipstick. I always love putting on lipstick. My hair at the time was a mop top so I could always make it look feminine. One time in the winter. I put on her winter hat and one of her jackets and walked a block or two down the street and back. That was my first time out as a woman. I loved it and never will forget that day.

    • I don't have a sister so I just dressed up in my moms panties bra and her night gowns!

  • It made me very excited to do this quiz ,hope others find it as much fun.

  • I liked the good I dress in female cloths all the time I wish I was born female

    • Being a female is not so easy. I am a girl


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