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  • Omg I’m 85% country girl and damn I’m glad I’m not city there’s no way that’s me I legit wear shorts whenever I can and LUV animals

    LcrazyHyrbrid Mar 9 '19, 8:38PM
  • This is a really well made quiz! Good job.

    MistyDawn Dec 30 '18, 3:25PM
  • i am a town girl

    sexyboy Oct 29 '18, 12:33PM
  • country girl 100% lmao truest thing I've heard all year.

    babygirl060217 Oct 16 '18, 12:17AM
  • City girl (88%): probably a good thing considering I'm moving to NY,NY for college.

    bekkyD Oct 4 '18, 9:26PM
  • I got city girl which is one of the most true things I've never heard

    10 out of 10

    Kat Nari Jul 12 '18, 10:59AM
  • i got city girl .... true that

    madameXYZ May 19 '18, 2:02AM
  • Your Result: Town Girl

    So you're not exactly a country girl, but not a city girl either. Sure, you like the excitement of cities, but the noise, pollution, and crimes aren't exactly perfect. And country life is not a piece of pie, either. Farm work, caring for pets, seasonal allergies, and different things other people enjoy. So what are you if you're not a city or country girl? A town girl! Still has the hustle-and-bustle of cities, the serenity of the country, but without unpleasant add-ons. Rock it, town girl!

    74%Country Girl!

    37%City Girl!

    Wow! This is pretty accurate! Sure I wouldn't mind going into the city and seeing a bunch of things and going to dinner and a movie. But I sure wouldn't live there. Too much noise, crowded, and it's just not for me.
    The country, I think it's pretty good. Nice and quiet. But the bugs and wild animals eating everything... Meh. I would love the farm animals, not so much the dung.
    A town girl is just right for me! Not too loud or quiet. There are some people. Peaceful. I'm a small town girl trying to make it in the big world!
    Yup this is pretty good! 5 star rating in my book!

    AlyTheCalicoCat Apr 29 '18, 3:33PM
  • Cool quiz, I got 80% country girl. Whoever made this did a good job- I live on a farm.

    Julia Anderson May 2 '17, 12:37PM
  • now i'm 81% a town girl i can take that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kw11 Jun 5 '16, 9:35PM
  • I am 92% county girl I love the outdoors

    Crystal2003 Apr 23 '16, 9:26PM
  • I'm 87% COUNTRY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOO HOWDY YALL!!!!!!!!!

    kw11 Mar 8 '16, 8:59PM

    sunshine2000 Nov 24 '15, 11:37PM
  • I'm a country girl/city girl i love to run around in my boots and go mud ridin but i also like to curl my hair and match with my friends and text most of the time

    analopez14 Sep 29 '15, 6:07PM
  • I'm a country girl/city girl i love to run around in my boots and go mud ridin but i also like to curl my hair and match with my friends and text most of the time

    analopez14 Sep 29 '15, 6:02PM
  • It's super accurate! I got 89% Country Girl, 73% Town Girl and 35% City Girl! I am country! And I love going ALMOST ANYWHERE barefoot! I have chickens,cows,pigs, 1 horse,honey bees, and dogs! I LOVE ANIMALS! And the song "Animals" by: Maroon5

    Say wha Apr 30 '15, 1:27PM
  • Your Result: Country Girl! 90%
    You love nature, and enjoy being outdoors. You're a girl who likes animals and knows what to do when they are upset. You like to walk home, pick flowers, and play outside with your pets. You're awesome, country girl!

    "I'm from the country"
    Yeah, I'm from in the country back in the felids...
    Bringing on corn to our home from the year...
    Looking like sunshine, preaching like Saturday night...
    And when the bales get full we will sleep in the hey...
    I'm from the country and I like it that way...
    Everybody knows everybody...
    Every body calls you friend...
    You don't need an invatacoin...
    Kick of you're shoes and come on' me...
    And we know how to work...And we know how to play...
    We're from the country and we like it that way...
    We're from the country...
    Yeah, We're from the country and we like it that way...

    Here are some lines to one of our country line 'Slappin' Leather' dancing, "I'm from the country". Our family does it all tougether and we're getting better at it, I think. Is has been a long winter sence we've done it.

    Remember Joy Apr 19 '15, 6:39PM
  • I'm a country girl 92%!!!!

    Countrygirl12 Feb 28 '15, 11:23PM
  • CITY GIRL! yolo!

    Marshmilla Feb 7 '15, 2:01PM
  • I`m a contry girl yeha 90 persent

    Mikasa ankermen Dec 3 '14, 8:30PM
  • 85% Country Girl.One Word,2 Sylabyls,Per-Fect.

    Kiersten 1D Oct 29 '14, 4:46PM
  • Town girl exactly where I am and have lived all my life

    Ohmypanda Aug 13 '14, 3:46PM

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