Are you a country girl or a city girl

There are differences between country girls and city girls. If your not sure which one you are this is definitely your quiz. I hope you get what out come you want but we never know what it's going to be

are you a country girl, or a city you like mudding. Or do you like to go to the mall and shop till you drop. You could only imagine what you think you are. Till now. In a few minuets you will find out

Created by: smiller

  1. What music would you rather listen to
  2. Which do you prefer to own
  3. Which singer do you listen to
  4. Would you rather
  5. What's your favorite color
  6. Ideal summer day
  7. What do u want to be as an adult (if not one already)
  8. What do u call a good show
  9. Do you wave the American flag outside the front of your house proudley
  10. What do u think about doing on a Sunday
  11. So are you country
  12. Are u a city girl

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Quiz topic: Am I a country girl or a city girl