How Country Are You?

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Many people think there country but there not actually. Country people can be country but can lose their country by being around too many city people or being around city people too long.

Do you want to find out how much country you have in you? Hey you never know what you might get you might get your a full city person for might be a country person.

Created by: Reanna Rab

  1. Your hanging out with your friends what do you do?
  2. What's your everyday wear?
  3. What are your most commonly used shoes?
  4. What's your best day ever?
  5. Which one sounds like a good time?
  6. Where would you rather live?
  7. Do you think your country?
  8. Do you think your better than everyone else?
  9. Which one satisfies you as a date setting?
  10. Which one is your dream boy/girl?

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Quiz topic: How Country am I?