How Country Music Crazy Are You?

Do you know anything about country? Music is the first step to being country. Don't got no banjo? Get one! BANJO = KEY to the country way of life. ;b

I hope you know a lot about country music 'cause this tests your knowledge of the great and powerful B-93.7 the radio station every country boy/girl knows and loves.

Created by: IShallNotTellName

  1. Finish these lyrics, "My momma's-"
  2. Who sings "Banjo"?
  3. Finish the lyrics. "A brand new Chevy with-"
  4. Who sings Boys 'Round Here?
  5. Finish the lyrics. " Thick southern drawl, sexy swingin' walk-"
  6. Who sings I Want Crazy?
  7. Finish the lyrics. "It's a crazy town full of-"
  8. Who sings Chandelier?
  9. Finish the lyrics. "You say it best when-"
  10. Are you confident enough to go on?

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Quiz topic: How Country Music Crazy am I?