Are you a Christmas Fanatic?

Christmas is a tradition that goes way back. all the way to the stone ages! (maybe) many people over the years have had different opinions about it.

If you want to know exactly what category of christmas - fan you fit into, this is the perfect quiz for you! it quick, its easy, and also quite fun!

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  1. How many christmas trees do you put up each year?
  2. How many presents do you usually give/receive?
  3. Do you cook a large meal for your friends/family?
  4. Do you hold a party each year?
  5. Do you sometimes find yourself humming christmas carols?
  6. How many lights do you put up outside your house?
  7. if you have a pet, do you dress them up in christmas clothes?
  8. when do you start decorating?
  9. which of these is your preferred smell?
  10. when is it appropriate to wear a santa hat?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Christmas Fanatic?