How Christmassy Are You?

Do you enjoy Christmas? Find out how elflike you are. Decorating, singing, baking, and shopping are just a few of the fun Christmas like activities that are scored to find out. Have fun and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

There are many people out there who THINK they have the Christmas spirit. What is Christmas Spirit? Singing carols? Decorating the house? Baking? Shopping and wrapping? Sending Cards? Let the quiz decide just how Christmassy you are! Merry Christmas!!

Created by: Rachel
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  1. Have you ever bought the same sweater for more than one member of your immediate family?
  2. Have you ever bought a Christmas decoration from a gas station, or other non department store?
  3. Do you enjoy shopping for and wrapping presents?
  4. Do you enjoy Chrismas caroling and making cookies?
  5. Do you get into the Christmas holiday spirit? (ie. wear jingle bells, carry around mistletoe)
  6. What is your idea of a perfect Christmas Day?
  7. Do you count down the days to Christmas Day?
  8. Did you enjoy my Christmas quiz?
  9. Did you know that I created this quiz all by myself, questions, answers and results?
  10. Do you enjoy driving around to view all the Christmas decorations in your neighborhood?

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Quiz topic: How Christmassy am I?