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  • 90%
    Your cafeteria is 90% closed!

    Wow! You're really cooking and I don't mean in the cafeteria! You're on fire for the Catholic faith and really know your stuff! Congratulations!

    My result could have been better. Pretty accurate summary of this Catholic, though.

    marmiteroll Nov 12 '15, 10:24PM
  • Your cafeteria is 80% closed! LOL !!! I'm an Episcopalian. You know, those awful people with married clergy, women priests and openly gay bishops.

    Now we're talking! Here's someone who has a fairly good understanding of what is expected of you as a Catholic. Keep the brain cells active, and try to learn as much as you can!

    geager Mar 13 '13, 9:38PM
  • "You are an idiot. I don't know where you got your answers but they aren't within Catholic teaching."

    Momii xii - about your above comment - I got the answers from the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Maybe you should try reading it sometime.

    paramedicgirl Sep 29 '10, 11:28PM
  • The catechism for adult catholics p.263 says; "Some people have an inclination to sin with another person of the same sex... That being said it should be noted that persons who are homosexual do not choose thier condition". So no choice (free will) means no sin. Yet they use the word "sin" in the opening line or shuld I say lie.

    People don't buy this hypocracy. Women can't be priests because they lack male genitals is another example of why much of the slop in the cafeteria is being passed on.

    dannybot Sep 16 '10, 7:05PM
  • Your cafeteria is 70% closed!

    Now we're talking! Here's someone who has a fairly good understanding of what is expected of you as a Catholic. Keep the brain cells active, and try to learn as much as you can!
    ...thanks! =) i like this result=D

    me3e3 Feb 20 '10, 7:04PM
  • Make no mistake about it the devil is the enemy. He is the father of all lies. Through our weaknesses he is able to use us as his instruments. Perhaps understanding who we are being "cafeteria" towards is of eternal importance.

    sammydog Feb 5 '10, 8:54PM
  • Thomas Merton talks of the "unspeakable void" as the place where God is absent; darkness, where there is no light; and cold where is no energy. Satan, thus is neither a creation of God, nor his bi-polar "bad" person, but a choice we make in denying God. "Defeating" a peculiar phrase, as all we must do (if given HIS grace) is to believe in God - following the Church as the most direct way, but with critical and honest eyes and personal appeals for guidance to the Holy Spirit.

    Francis Feb 25 '09, 7:47PM
  • Most of these comments show how hard hearted people are. We must be obedient and humble to defeat Satan. Humility involves a willingness to learn the Truth. Truth can make us all very uncomfortable and some,angry. However it does not cease being the truth.

    362825wt Jan 20 '09, 2:40PM
  • I can see you have only 4 comments since July ? Yet your article appears in Jan 5,2009 ? You live near Boston College ?Already there is one strike on you . The Pope calls for unity on Financial Crisis on page one (1) but avoids the Unjust War Doctrine of the Catholic Church. He actually promoted the War with Bush in Iraq.. Pro -Life means "killing innocent" children and women with depleted uranium bombs is okay. Rev McBrien from NotreDame had an article in Last weeks globe about teaching. He knows less than i do about the Church outside of his books and the University ..You people read a good story but do not practice what JESUS taught us .. Please go back to where you came from . Picket fence american Katholics ,with NO common sense ......joe bell 2 ellis st woburn ma 01801 781-932-1640

    bellinhand Jan 11 '09, 8:45PM
  • To impose anything on the people but the honest search for God through Christ is preposterous...and reminds of Savanarola, Calvin, Zwingli and name just a few dictatorial "Christians".
    The real Catholic Church of the "comunity of saints" has no business controlling our minds. Thus it is not "only" about life family issues and parochial schools, but no less about deep spirituality, unjust war, capital punishment, poverty, individual freedoms and social justice. As such...I am definitively a proud Cafeteria Catholic...who will go the extra mile in order to save my Catholic Church from narrow mindedness, intolerance and an undemocratic mind set.

    Francis Oct 27 '08, 5:39PM
  • Wow - what a test. This is crazy ridiculous. Don't assume that everyone wants to be 100% like Rome.

    amwangel Oct 24 '08, 10:42PM
  • Give me a break, I have only had one RCIA class. I do kow one thing, calling someone an idiot you don't even know is judging and that is wrong. Thanks for the encouraging words to someone who is about to convert to catholicism. Maybe you should learn what Christian love is. I never claimed to know everything, that is why I am in RCIA and studying my bible daily. Everyone wasn't born a Catholic and raised in Catholic school. That doesn't mean we are idiots, just uneducated in this area but in my case, I am willing to learn.

    convert Sep 18 '08, 12:30PM
  • You are an idiot. I don't know where you got your answers but they aren't within Catholic teaching.
    You are adding to Cafeteria Catholicism.

    momiixii Jul 29 '08, 1:28AM

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