Are you a Bleach expert?

Do you really know Bleach? Well, I think I do so I have made this quiz. Some of the words might be spelled wrong so please tell me if there are misspelled words.

Are you an expert on Bleach? This quiz is about the Fullbring arc and the movies of Bleach. This is my first quiz so please tell me if I have any mistakes and I will correct them.

Created by: Kristingm

  1. Of all of the fullbringers who dies?
  2. Who are the shinigamis that come to rescue Ichigo in his battle with the fullbringers?
  3. Who are the people that Tsukishima used his fullbring on?
  4. Who was battling Byakuya?
  5. Who was battling Rukia?
  6. Who was battling Ikkaku?
  7. Who was battling Ginjo?
  8. Who was battling Renji?
  9. Who is the first to finish their fight?
  10. How old is Ichigo in the fullbring arc?
  11. How old is Ichigo in the fullbring arc?
  12. What is the 1st Bleach movie?
  13. What is the 2nd movie?
  14. What is the 3rd Bleach movie?
  15. What is the 4th Bleach movie?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Bleach expert?