What Bleach Character Are You?

You must be a fan of Bleach, right? If your not, do your homework, them come back and do this quiz! Nah, do this quiz, then your homework! This manga is addictive and fun.

Find out which character you are! Find out what role you play in the Soul Society and earth! Who are you most like? What would you do? How would you react? Find out this and more with this quiz!

Created by: Shayla
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  1. Your friend is playing in the playground, and he/she slips off the monkey bars. You...
  2. You have a really yummy thing for lunch. A bully comes up and takes it from you. You...
  3. You have the chance for free karate lessons. You...
  4. You would be most likely doing what in your free time:
  5. If you could have or be anything, it would be:
  6. You like to go:
  7. You see yourself as...
  8. A monster comes and attacks your family and friends, you...
  9. Your friends have once said you are a...
  10. Last question! This one is deep! When you have a crush on someone, how are you most likely to react around them?

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Quiz topic: What Bleach Character am I?