Are you a bigger Mario fan than me?

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So I'm a huge fan of Nintendo, but mainly the Mario series. I've just been sitting here, letting my vast collection of useless facts about it build up, until I found this website.

It was then that I realized, "Woah maybe there's somebody else out here who possibly knows more than me!" So I made this quiz, in the hopes of finding a bigger fan of the series than me. Good luck!

Created by: Luigi

  1. What was the first Mario game Luigi appeared in?
  2. How many Mario RPGs are there, paper Mario, Mario and Luigi, and the original for the snes, including the 3ds remakes of Superstar Saga and Bowser's inside story?
  3. Who did Mario have to save in Donkey Kong?
  4. How did Mario and Luigi make their appearance in tetris for the NES?
  5. What are the four vibes in Super Princess Peach?
  6. What was Mario's name before he was Mario?
  7. And before that?
  8. And before THAT?
  9. What color are Luigi's socks on the cover art of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA)?
  10. How high can Mario jump?
  11. What color was Luigi originally supposed to be?
  12. What was this song from? "Matte na yo Just sit tightPeach-Hime Princess PeachTasuke ni I'm coming to rescue you Umi koe, yama koe Over the seas, over the mountains Tani koe, oka koete Over the plains, over the hills"
  13. Who is the princess of Sarasaland?
  14. What does the E in professor E. Gadd stand for?
  15. What game was super Mario Bros 2 based off of?
  16. Last question: Who is the tallest princess?

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Quiz topic: Am I a bigger Mario fan than me?