Are you Mario or Luigi?

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If you got who you hoped you would be than good for you but if you wished you were the other than probably find another quiz that's like this good luck

Luigi is taller than Mario but Mario is older than Luigi just in case you didn't know that but you probably did so this is pretty useless good luck on the quiz

Created by: Stuper luigi

  1. Are you scared of the dark?
  2. Do you like red or green better?
  3. Are you the older sibling or the younger sibling?
  4. What would you rather have for a super power?
  5. Who do you like better?
  6. Who's mustache style would you rather have?
  7. What kind of blue do you like better?
  8. What job do you have/want?
  9. What name would you rather have?
  10. What color eyes do you have

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Quiz topic: Am I Mario or Luigi?