How well do you know the Mario series?

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Many people know quite a lot about Mario. Some to the extent where it's kinda creepy. Either way, they have immense knowledge on the matter of the red wonder.

Do YOU have the knowledge of him to take this quiz? Are you a Mario Master or not? Up until now, you could only guess. But now, thanks to this quiz, you can answer these 15 questions, and find out.

Created by: MrBoohemoth

  1. What was Mario's first game?
  2. Who did Mario originally rescue?
  3. Where did Luigi's cowardly personality originate from?
  4. What was the first power-up Mario was ever able to use?
  5. What was the first Mario game where Mario didn't appear at all?
  6. Who was Mario's first Voice Actor?
  7. Which of these characters are voiced by Charles Martinet?
  8. Which of these was a first world in a Mario game?
  9. Which of the following is Mario's job?
  10. Which of the following types of sports games has Mario NOT done yet?
  11. In Super Mario Bros, what did Bowser's evil curse turn the Toads into?
  12. In New Super Mario Bros. 2, what does collecting 1,000,000 coins do?
  13. In which game was Toad first playable in?
  14. In Super Mario Bros., what is the first False Bowser's real form?
  15. Which was the first Mario RPG where Bowser was NOT the villain?
  16. How Many Mario Party games have been announced for game systems between 1998 and 2014?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Mario series?