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  • Your Result: 0-10 points:your a perfect match

    Aww, you two are sooo cute! People can't believe how perfectly you get along with each other. You agree on everything and each think the other is fab, just the way you are. The only danger is, even perfection can get dull after a while. Every once in a while, surprise him with an unexpected suggestion for a date, and think about developing interests outside of each other. Having your own passions - and telling each other about them - can only make your already-great bond even tighter.

  • are you 2 a perfect match?

    Your Result: 17 and more points:you put up with each other

    With all that squabbling, when do you find time to kiss? Having a challenging relationship can be exciting, but all that drama can get tired after a while. Fighting over the little things? Try to take turns choosing the movie, or make more effort to talk to each other with care. But if your fights are about bigger things, like trusting each other, consider whether you can get past them by working hard, or if you might be happier with someone who's a better match for you.

    Um when we fight we're more like flirting...and we are really good at compromising. we've never fought about anything bigger than music genres, and then it was friendly debate. so this isn't accurate

  • And it's a long distance relationship so...

  • we are meant for eachother but he broke up with me cuz we couldnt see eachother anymore and he thought it wouldnt work out.. now i have a voodoo of him sitting in my closet... T_T

  • ok apparently we are a perfect match, well sweet I was actually expecting a bad result since we playfully argue alot

  • Not accurate bc he loves me to death and I love him the same way

  • trash... it said that me and my boyfriend fight a lot and when do we find time to kiss. this crap is so inaccurate

    • aint no way its a online quiz

  • nyeh we do argue a bit...


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