Are yall rednecks?

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There are many people out there wondering if they are a redneck or not. This is the test to take if you wish to know whether or not you are a true redneck.

Not everyone can be a redneck though. Sometimes the answer you receive you may not be happy with. Although, it should be obvious to yourself whether or not you truly.

Created by: countrygurl

  1. What is ur favorite type of music?
  2. What do you like to do on the weekends?
  3. What do you drive?
  4. Is NASCAR a sport?
  5. When giving driving directions do you say "...then turn off the paved road..."
  6. Jason Aldean or Lil' Wayne?
  7. Do you leave your Christmas lights up all year?
  8. What does your average outfit consist of?
  9. Jeff Foxworthy is famous for saying:
  10. Kasey Kan does what for a living?
  11. What is John Deere?
  12. What are your thoughts of the rebel Flag?

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