Are we kindred spirits?

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There are many people in this world, but very few kindred spirits. What is a kindred spirit? A kindred spirit is someone who shares certain beliefs, values, or interests with another person. When it comes to trying to build a lasting friendship—this is key.

Based on how you answer these questions about your own interests and beliefs, it will determine whether we could share a bond that is often lacking in meaningful relationships. Take the quiz to find out if we could be kindred spirits!

Created by: Kanvas
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  1. What do you consider to be your friendship language?
  2. If I tell a lie, it's because...
  3. I like to keep in touch with friends
  4. I love to give friends advice because
  5. I believe that private information about family and relationships
  6. If I am thinking of a friend
  7. When it comes to self-assurance
  8. If a friend tells me about a decision they have made in their life
  9. I express myself through
  10. I think that my life is
  11. I think that the people I meet
  12. I usually hit up a friend because
  13. My free time is usually
  14. When hanging out with a friend, plans are usually
  15. When choosing a movie for the night, I will put in a/an
  16. I would describe most of the clothes in my wardrobe to be
  17. For a friendly gathering, I would want to go
  18. When it comes to my health I am
  19. What I value the most in a friendship is
  20. I think that building a friendship is
  21. If there is a problem in the friendship, I will
  22. I believe that world problems
  23. If a friend needs me, I am
  24. When spending time together, I prefer
  25. When it comes to communication, I prefer
  26. My friend conversations are usually about
  27. If I am in a relationship, I make time for friends
  28. If I am single and my friend is not

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