Are u like me or one of my friends?

Hi guys this is a quiz about wich one of my friends ( or me ) is more like u. Pls take the quiz and be awesome guys. This is like one of those quizzes alot of people do 2 so i would like to do one.

u can find out if u are like me or one of my friends. Who know maybe we are alike! I enjoy making quizzes so go ahead and take it. Make sure to answer them honestly because the accuracy is base on how truthfully u answer my questions. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Kuudere Kitty

  1. A new kid arrives at school wat do u do?
  2. U got stuck in a difficult situation. what u do?
  3. What kind of dere are u
  4. grades?
  5. Ooo u get an extra day off school yay!!!! wat do u do?
  6. wat is ur person ality?
  7. u told a lie that led ur bff into trouble. wat do u do?
  8. yay its TV time!!!! Watcha watch?
  9. ur mom tells u to sleep wat is ur reaction
  10. did u like the quiz( may affect results )
  11. cya later in another quizzzzz

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