Riverwings Prophecy

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Hey guys! Welcome to Riverwing’s Prophecy and I hope that you like reading them as much as I like making them for you guys! I'll be making part 5 If I get enough viewers.

There is a new love interest: Ravenfur: the new FlameClan deputy. The others are sweet Emberfire, calm Mosspelt who’s interest for being a medicine cat is fading, and focused Blizzardleaf.

Created by: WarriorsLover66
  1. The next morning, you were greeted with a large crowd of cats gathering around you and the toms. You see Ravenfur nervously walking towards you, his black pelt glowing lighter as the sun’s rays hits him. His ice-blue eyes have no expression as his long bushy tail flicked back an forth. "Hey, Riverwing..." He started off before you purred and licked his cheek thoughtfully. "Ya you've came to congratulate me, thanks Ravenfur!" You pad off with your tail swaying to and fro. You look back and see his eyes full of shock and his jaw dropped to the floor. Emberfire glared at him as he walked away, Blizzardleaf looked sad, and Mosspelt tried to claw him.
  2. Just then, Blizzardleaf walks over. “Hey, Riverwing! Congrats on your warrior name!” He doesn’t look very enthusiastic as he says this. “Meet me in the medicine den, I want to show you something.” You follow him in the medicine den.
  3. When you get there, you see a familiar blue-gray pelt. It was Watermist. She gestured to a moss bed. You go to it and see a familiar gray pelt… and amber eyes. It was Ashfur, lying there, dead.
  4. You saw Emberfire and Mosspelt depressingly hanging by a mound of dirt. You walk over and sadly look at the grave. You press your paw gently on the pile of dirt sadly thinking, 'oh Ashpaw, you'll always be in my heart, and your brothers hearts, no matter how far away you are.' You look up at silverpelt seeing the shining swirls of stars. One of the stars shine more bright than the others. "He should've been at the ceremony with us..." Your thoughts were interrupted as Mosspelt spoke aloud. "He was at the gathering with us," you spoke up. "He was watching us. And he was very proud of us all," Emberfire agreed sadly. You forced your gaze away from silverpelt and looked at the two warriors. "Come on, we have to do our silent vigil and watch the camp." You head towards the camp entrance and plopped yourself down looking out across the forest. Emberfire sat beside you and Blizzardleaf came over and sat on the other side of you. Both of their gazes were intent on the forest surroundings.
  5. Soon, you hear the screeches of battle. You were caught off balance and were thrown to the ground. Then, you black out.
  6. You wake up again to see Mosspelt and Emberfire talking quietly to each other, you strain your ears to try to pick up their conversation. "What do you think she's going to say when we tell her about her mentor?" "I don't know but the deputy, Ravenfur is dead also." "True, who do you think is going to be the new leader?" "I'm not worried about that I'm worried about her reaction." You purr to yourself as you hear that Emberfire is worried about you. You stop purring... Were they just saying that my mentor... The leader, is dead?! And the deputy?!
  7. “What did you say about my mentor?!" You demand as you weakly get up from your bed of moss. The two toms weave over to you and press against your sides to hold you up. "Your awake!” Emberfire purrs and nuzzles your cheek. Mosspelt licks your ears gently while purring. You look at them both and repeat again, "What'd you say about my mentor and the deputy?" They both stop and look at each other, "Well your mentor is... dead and so is the deputy Ravenfur." You shrink back into your nest as Mosspelt explained that RippleClan attacked while you were in a coma.
  8. You find your voice and shakily ask, "Who is going to be the new leader?" The two toms look at each other and reply at the same time, "You." You gap at them and ask in a high scared voice, "You can't be serious!" Emberfire answered, "Watermist went to the Starpool herself and Starclan told her the answer. I have been taking over your duties while you were sleeping and getting better."
  9. You walk out of the medicine den with Sparrowwing and Thuunderclaw on each side of you. All the cats look at you while whispering to their clanmates. You spot Frostbite and Shallowclaw watching you with wide eyes and Jaggedclaw glaring at you. You step up to the Flamerock and say, “I am not the new leader and I will now make my journey to the Starpool to receive my 9 lives.
  10. After your speech you clamber down the rock and stop in front of Mosspelt, "you will be looking after the clan while me and Emberfire travel to the Starpool." He nods and turns away respectfully. You pad over to Emberfire, "want to travel with me to the Starpool?" Emberfire nods and walks with you out of the tunnel and towards the pool. He purrs and licks your ear, "are you excited about being leader?"
  11. You arrive and tell Emberfire to wait outside. You touch your nose to the water and soon fall asleep. You wake up to see starry cats looking at you with wisdom in their eyes. You search the warriors and soon find who you were looking for, Ashpaw, Foxstar, and Ravenfur. You purr and pad forward. "Welcome Riverwing. We have been waiting for you to come and get your nine lives." You dip your head at Foxstars wise words. Ashpaw pads forward and touch noses with you. "I give you strength to help others in need." You felt a surge of energy flow threw you and you held back a howl of pain as a shot of fire flew threw you backward. Ashpaw backed away and sat by Ravenfur.
  12. Snowfur padded forward and touched noses with you and gave you a second life, the life of wisdom to lead your clan to the right choice. Ravenfur gave you the life of love and Redstream gave you the life of speed. You got five more lives and woke up. You staggered to your paws and stumbled into Emberfire. "Aren't you supposed to be outside?" He licked your shoulder, "I came in to see how you were doing." You purr and Emberfire starts to lead you back outside and back to camp.
  13. You pad past the NightClan border with Emberfire trailing behing you. He caught up to you and padded beside you paw step for paw step. "So, who do you think should be the deputy?" You ask him. "Your asking me?" He asked, his violet eyes widen as he looks at you. "Well in that case, Mosspelt is a good choice but I am too." You nod your head and pad on your tail tip flicking back and forth.
  14. You both got back to camp and saw the fresh kill pile stocked up and cats lying around snoozing in the suns rays. Letting out a loud yowl you jump on to the ledge and call a meeting. "All cats old enough to catch their own prey join here beneath the Flamerock for a clan meeting." Cats stumbled to their paws and padded sleepily over to sit under the ledge. Mosspelt and Emberfire murmured to each other and sat quietly beside Blizzardleaf who gave them a friendly nod. "I have gotten my nine lives and while on my journey back I thought of a new deputy for the clan." You pause as all the cats ears perk and look over at Mosspelt and Emberfire. "The new deputy of FlameClan shall be... Emberfire!" The cats started to call out his name loudly as he rose and jumped onto the ledge next to you. "Thank you Riverstar.. I do not know what to say, but I do have to say one thing. I WILL treat my clan well and help it thrive. I will be the best deputy I can be." Emberfire hopped off of the ledge and was welcomed with purrs of congratulations and welcoming. You looked down at the clan and jumped down. Blizzardleaf greeted you and purred happily. "Great speech Riverstar, you made a good choice for…
  15. The next day, you walk by yourself out in the forest to clear your head. The breeze ruffles your fur as you walk towards the stream in your territory. You sit beside the edge of the pond and you look at your reflection in the water. You sigh as you vision the other toms looking at you. You look around your shoulder and you see Ashpaw, Foxstar, and Snowfur. You blink your eyes and look more closely but there still there. "Why are you here?" You ask more curiously than aggressively. "We are here to help you make the right decision." Snowfurs voice was calm as she dipped her starlike paw into the pond. The water rippled and showed a ginger tom with bright blue eyes. You take in a sharp breath as you recognize the Tom at once.
  16. And….Cliffhanger!!!

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