Are U Charmed????

Charmed is about three sisters who find out they're witches. So, they go off fighting demons, warlocks, and darklighters. They always win in the end!

Are you Charmed expert? Do you watch the show? If you do this quiz we'll see if you are a Charmed expert. If you wanna be the sisters, then you should do well on this quiz!

Created by: Prue
  1. What are ALL of the 4 sisters' names?
  2. What's the theme song?
  3. Which of the following has the largest death count?
  4. From season 1-9, how many times did Phoebe get married?
  5. Which 2 characters have the same power?
  6. What's the name of Piper's club?
  7. What's the name of there cat?
  8. How did Prue die?
  9. Who's the Charmed Ones Whitelighter?
  10. Who plays the Charmed Ones?

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