are u a good dancer

There are many good dancers,but few great dancers.dancers are,afterall,quite special.what is a dancer?a dancer is a person who do different movement in routines or plays.

are you a great dancer?do you have the skills to be a great dancer?until now you could only wonder.but thanks to this great quiz,in a few minutes you will find out!!

Created by: niyah of nothing
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  1. When u dance do u believe that u can do any of the dance moes right
  2. When u dance do u listen to the song or beat u are dancing to
  3. Do u like to dance
  4. If u were a good dancer and a dance producer call u and ask u do u want to dance in front of millions of people what would u do
  5. When Ur on stage in front of millions of people
  6. When u go of stage do u here people
  7. When ur done with the whole performance do u
  8. Do u feel lik ur a great dancer
  9. What score do u think u got when u were dancing
  10. Do u perform a lot
  11. Do u lik to dance
  12. If u got a bad score what do u say_do
  13. If u got a good score you

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