Appropriate punishment

This not intended to be used for parental discipline but rather for hypotheticas or roleplaying amongst adults..Minor grounding means being grounded from any social outings or having devices, toys or priveledges taken away. Minor for a day to several days depending on the subject. Magor grounding is for a week to several weeks. Work is any amount of time doing chores or usually undesirable work in addition to minor grounding. Timeouts should last as what makes sense, same with standing in the corner although time in the corner may be longer for older individuals.

Spanking should be done OVER clothing, with an implement or your hand for those under 6. A paddle is suggested, 3 or 4 firm swats, 5 at the most ever. The one being spanked should be taken into a private area out of view although others may hear the whacks.

Created by: Colby
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What age is the offender?
  2. How well do they normally behave in general?
  3. How bad is the offense?
  4. Age of offender again
  5. How bad is the offense. You may pick another number than the one before, maybe it's a 3.5, between bad and very bad.
  6. Is this a problem area?
  7. What behavior was most associated with the offender after being found out and accused?
  8. What punishment has seemed to work well lately?
  9. How hard do you want to go on them? This may be for whatever reason, not necessarily and perhaps shouldn't be for what has already been covered, like past behavior or behavior associated with the offense. Unless you want to increase or decrease the punishment.
  10. What is their age again?

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