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  • This is @Bluebird and @Freeze at the moment

    @Aria- OMG that's terrible! I know you're not oblivious to my feelings and you have had a lot more experience than me and thanks for commenting. I actually was gonna put the Yule Ball as my next HP part but I'm not much of a romance fan at the moment. I might write another part to A Fallen Love Story because that's the one story were everything isn't all lovey dovey and @Freeze might write another part to her series. I don't know what she's got planned next but I think her stories might take her mind off it. Thanks for giving us a little push.

    @Cometligh t- Thanks. Oh that's horrible! Thanks so much! I will hopefully write another part to one of my series but I'm not sure about @Freeze. Thanks so much again!

    @singin23 4- Now I know I out of place when I say this because of all the sob stories we have. Don't put yourself down. I bet you're beautiful and one day a guys gonna see that. Depends what age you are I guess too.

    @Puffball- It is us. We get how you feel. That's horrible! Thanks so much!

    We love all you guys and thanks for that push. Thanks for helping us get over these stupid sob stories.

  • No need to apologize both of you, I've been through the pain your going through. My boyfriend cheated on me and yet he's the one that broke it off, I didn't really care I just found myself laughing but when I think about why I said yes to him in the first place it's because I thought he was the sweet guy that I knew back in 1st grade, but I guess not. Anyways moving on life carries on and you can't go down with the negatives, rise up with the positives. Life and Love is a Warzone I know that but sometimes you just got to throw everything down and leave the battleground, why fight and be sorrow for no reason, people just want to see you crumble down but you can prove them wrong and rise up from the ashes. All I'm saying is that life is a biotch sometimes but you can never let any of that stop you, no matter what. If any of you ever need help or need right now at the moment all of us are here for you.

  • @Bluebird- Okay, I totally know how you are feeling. I remember telling you how he isn't worth you but honestly, HE IS A JERK. I'm not oblivious to your feelings. I am feeling the same thing you're feeling. My ex and I broke up in March. He was cheating on me with multiple amount of girls, cuz he's a player, duh and one of this girl who loves him really bad, I was talking to her, while i was his girlfriend and she didn't know that I was his girlfriend. There's something about him, i dunno xD I can't seem to get over him, he's always in my thoughts and that song "A Thousand Years By Christina Perri" was our song, which I still play and cry to sometimes. He was the best thing that happened to me, and hopefully I'll see some way to get over soon. He goes my same lessons and he just makes out with a bunch of girls in front of me. Do you have any idea how I feel? That's why I'm not going lessons tomorrow. He said, "We'll be together forever and always." That day we broke up, I flashbacked to the night when he said that. I couldn't take it in anymore, it was too much pressure. He was my strength. I still miss him a lot but we don't even talk so that makes it much easier on me. He doesn't even care about me, & if he dies, i'll care for him. I dunno why. My heart is still smashed into a thousand pieces and I don't know how I'll repair it. Writing my series is the only thing that gets him off my mind. (:

  • OMR. IF I ever meet the guys that got you down, they will never see the light of day again. Bluebird, just remember that if he was at all worth your tears, he wouldn't make you cry in the first place. Freeze, this guy sounds like a jerk for making you cry too. You guys are amazing, talented, beautiful people, and those guys should be put in jail for making your lives not-so-good. I completely understand how you're feeling- I'm having problems with my boyfriend too- and I hope you feel better soon!!

  • THOSE JERKS! If I knew who they were and it WASN'T illegal to kill I so would! I HATE when people make others all sad and sorry I don't really know what you should do cuz for me I don't really believe in love and I kind of think its a waste of time cuz it always ends up bad and I really think this isn't helpful basically I think to just ignore them cuz they aren't worth having your attention this is to both of you and anyway sorry if I can't be more helpful

  • :O my comment was erased? I didn't think I cursed... or said anything TOO vicious about those utter a--holes who are making you two cry... humph... I can't really remember all I typed yesterday, but Bluebird and Freeze, you have nothing to apologize for. Those guys should be the ones crawling up to you on their knees, apologizing >:( I cannot stand anyone who dares to be a jerk to anyone I like and know is a good person. My advice would just be to follow Aria's advice. Try to get your minds off of them :)

  • My advice is do something that gets your mind off those guys. EAT ICE CREAM, it helps. Watch a dozen movies, study your work, go outside and play in the water, or snow. Visit a friend, JUST DO SOMETHING (:

  • @Bluebird and @freeze: omg is that u blubird and freeze... *sighs* you don't know how much drama i had today! 1. first things first, i understand COMPLETLY... *looks around and then turns to u guys* DON'T BE HAPPY!!!! XD 2. i offcially hate boys, after all the drama today; I HATE THEM... well im still straight is just... i hat MOST of them. 3. A BOY BROKE MY BEST FRIEND FOR SOUL/SISTER CRY! even though u all think i'm always optomistic and funny but i treasure my friends and everytime i read some boy breaking a girls heart or doing the stupidest thing people could easly see smoke coming from my ears and nose; because i trasure them! OH and girlie my mind was in rage.. oooof i don't want to start. 4. i just found out that my cousin (way older then me; he is 18 and turning 29, but still hot, but were both buddies not that... gosh nm) my cousin was cheating on his GIRLFRIEND! The cousin that ive met since i was 3 years old! oh gosh! my grandmother told him all right! I TOLD HIM! 5. AND NOW THIS!!!!! My face expression is no other than less normal! because my mind is too messed up now! (not the messy as u others think! gosh..) 6. *looks around boringly* soooo umm.... whats up with you 2? *mischivious smile* 7. OH GOODNIGHT MY DEAR FRIENDS! OH! and if you guys mention his name and somehow i meet him the both well.... do you know a store that sells guns?? ok i may at least punch then to death..... ok maybe just injure them... *sigh* gooodnight! I BLESS U ALL! :3 don't u all think i forgot my signature moves at night!; *dances off crazy with master skills* GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE AND BOW DOWN TO YOUR FEARLESS LEADER!: DANCING QUEEN BABYPUFFBALL! muahahhaha

  • *clears throat* I shall kill anyone who dares make @Bluebird or @ Freeze sad.I love you guys! (in the friend way) ^_^

  • I wish I could say something but I have never had a boyfriend. I am too ugly and too young. So yeah...


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