Another "which youtuber ru?"quiz

Have you ever wondered what type or youtuber you are?well my quiz will tell you there weren't any quizes that had the youtubers i know so i created this.TADA! It mightnot be so good because this is my first quiz. Please dont hate and be mean.

Have fun and injoy my absolute madness of a quiz! I'm sorry if you dont get the youtuber you were hoping but please dont hate on it.If you dont know the youtuber you got i suggest you look him/her up there all really funny (my opinion)

Created by: Ancent rain
  1. Which youtuber have you seen/heard about?
  2. What is your fav color(s)
  3. Fav animal
  4. If you could transform into 1 of this whitch will it be?
  5. Do you like 2 be your self? on camera or not
  6. Whats your fav hobby
  7. Do you like food
  8. How many sibling do you have?
  9. I cant think of any thing!(no effect)
  10. Fav time of day

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