another goofy ahh alphabet quiz thing

And then there were so many things lol I went tothe fair and they served Pretzels :0The customer behind me asked a weird queston and i said no :PP so then he did the fortnite default dance and i teleported to ohio

Does anyone read this :o ksjkjskjkskssjkssjjssjsjksjksjsksksjksjksjsjksjksksjsksjkkjsksjkjsksksjksjksjksjsjsjsjjsjsksksjsksjksjksksjkksjsskssksksskjsjsjk yay i finally got 203 letters and numbers in this

  1. AB
  2. CD
  3. EF
  4. GH
  5. IJ
  6. KL
  7. MN
  8. OP
  9. QR
  10. ST (patricks day)
  11. UV
  12. WX
  13. YZ

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