Another crazy adventure/love story (part 5)

Sorry it's taken a few days to do part 5 but here it is! Thanks guys for all your comments on part 4, I really appreciate them :) Let me know any comments on this one. And I'm contemplating another death for part 6... sorry, but I can't cope with too many characters! i only have 6 answer spaces :(

At the end of the last part, you had just seen the guys fighting with Euan's men, and one of them got killed. You were trying to see who it was when Matt pulled you into the house.

Created by: Innominate

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  1. 'No!' you scream. 'Who is it?' Matt picks you up and carries you into your bedroom. You are kicking and screaming, because you need to know who has died. (Sorry, but you are!) Matt puts you gently down on the bed. 'Look,' he says, looking down at you, 'Stay there, PLEASE!' He turns to go, and you jump up and follow him. 'NO!' He grabs you and grips your shoulders. 'It's not safe for you out there, don't you understand?' You see the concern in his brown eyes. 'Please, ___, you have to stay here. You mustn't die, I love you too much.' You
  2. Whichever of the options in the last question you put, just as you are about to do it the door opens and Taylor comes in. He glares murderously at Matt, but now is not the time to starts having a row. 'Matt, we need to go and get... (he looks doubtfully at you)...get Jake.' '***, I'd forgotten,' Matt gets up. Taylor goes on 'Thing is, the guy was coming to collect his horse today. The white one, you know. Someone needs to take it into Keswick. Kismet says, can you go Matt?' Matt swears. 'Sorry, ___. Yeah, I guess I have to, but he couldn't have picked a worse moment could he? Who's getting, er, the bodies?' 'Bodies!' you scream. 'So someone else was killed, and you're not telling me!' You mentally run through the guys who were fighting, and realise it must be Connor, James, Ian or Rick.
  3. The guys look at each other. Then 'Well, don't tell Rose, it's Ian,' Matt says. (NB Ian's death comes to you courtesy of nonchalontly!) You start to cry out of sheer relief that it's not ___ (insert favourite guy's name here). '***, ___, you don't love him?' Taylor cries, looking horrified. 'No, no, it's fine, of course I don't,' you say, giggling at the mere thought of it. 'Try to calm down a bit,' Taylor mutters, 'You seem to be having hysterics.' You all look up as Rick enters. His usually smiling countenance is sober. 'You OK, sweet?' he says to you. Then 'Taylor, we better go.' Taylor nods. 'Me too,' Matt says, 'although just now I couldn't care whether or not the guy gets his horse, but we don't want him to make things unpleasant for us.' He looks at you with the ghost of a smile. 'That's what you risk if you start bypassing the law.' You're not sure whether this is meant to be a joke or a warning to you. 'Go and find Kismet or Rose, and stay with them will you? Please? For me?' Matt looks at you pleadingly. You agree, because you don't want to hurt him, and anyway now you know who's been killed it doesn't matter much. As the other three guys go out, you wander aimlessly into the kitchen. No-one is there and it suddenly feels terribly lonely. You go back down the corridor and open one of the other doors. It's a large dormitory (you: dormitory? yuck! I have a suite of rooms. me: how many times do i have to tell you this is a youth hostel, get it? Actually, what I didn't tell you is that your room was a 4-bed room, but the guys let you have it all to yourself.) To continue, it's a large dormitory, with lots of masculine clothing strewn about. You close the door hastily, and try another. In this one, you see Ivan lying on a bed. He is breathing heavily, but his face is deathly white. James and Kismet are both leaning over him. Rose is hurrying about quietly with ointments and herbs. She looks up as you stand there slightly awkwardly. Then she follows you out of the room and shuts the door. 'Ivan's practically dead,' she whispers. 'James and Kismet can't leave him, and they need me to help them. Are you OK?' 'Um, yes,' you reply, though you are feeling anything but OK. 'Can I help?' you ask. 'I don't think so, but thanks for offering' she replies. 'I'd better go.' She goes back into the room and shuts the door. You wander aimlessly back into the kitchen and sit down. You think
  4. You are sitting there thinking whatever you are thinking when the door opens and Connor bursts in, his boots caked in mud, gun in hand. '___,' he grabs hold of your wrist. 'Where's James? Or Matt? Or anyone?' You reply 'Matt's gone to take that horse back, Taylor and Rick are collecting - bodies (you repress a shudder), and James, Kismet and Rose are trying to keep Ivan alive.' You look at him, trying to figure out what he's thinking. He swears violently, and then turns slowly to look at you with those weird fathomless green eyes. 'So you're the only one left?' he says, very softly. 'I guess so,' you reply. He continues talking, very quietly, almost as though to himself. 'Stupid, after looking so long for you, to take so big a risk... and, then again, if anyone comes here, who's to stop them killing you just the same? Stupid either way.' He smiles grimly. 'While Euan's alive, you've not much of a chance, whatever you do.' He suddenly grips your shoulders fiercely. 'Which is why he's not going to be alive much longer,' he hisses. Releasing you, he strides over to the far side of the room, and takes a long knife down. Experimentally, he places the edge against the wooden table. It makes a great gash in the wood. Connor nods, pleased, and turns back to you. 'Will you come?' he says abruptly. 'I need someone to hold my horse: Euan's black is the only horse we have left now, except the ponies. I'm not risking losing it back to him. Without a horse I might as well be dead, when I get into their hunting grounds.' He looks at you. 'Well? I'd take anyone but you, but there's no-one else. Will you come?'
  5. Assuming you answered any but the first, you follow him out of the house. The black horse is tied by the door. He looks rather ferocious and is showing the whites of his eyes and laying back his ears. He is also huge! This doesn't seem to worry Connor, who picks you up roughly and throws you up onto the horse's back. He then unties the horse (he - the horse I mean not Connor :P - is wearing a bridle but no saddle) and vaults onto its back behind you. As Connor is holding the reins, he in effect has his arms around you. You lean back against his strong chest and feel your eyes closing. He is so tall that the top of your head doesn't even reach his shoulders. Connor smiles wryly. 'Don't worry, I won't drop you if you fall asleep.' It's probable the kindest thing he's yet said to you (which to be honest isn't saying much) and you look up at him. But his eyes are unfathomable as ever as he returns your glance. As the horse gallops along the track, his long strides raking up the ground, you see out of the corner of your eye Rick and Taylor coming down slowly, carrying something between them. You look away quickly and an incontrollable shudder runs through you. Connor takes the reins into one hand, and with the other presses you against him, so close you can feel his pulse beating. You decide not to look up this time and instead doze off.
  6. You wake to find Connor shaking you. '___,' he says, 'We're nearly at their lair. I'm going to leave you with the horse in a gully nearby. You shouldn't have a problem keeping him still: I've galloped him hard. But if you need, tie him up with this rope.' He adds 'But make sure you can undo it quickly!' You realise you are coming over a ridge, with fells to left and right, and are dropping down again. To the right looks very rough ground, and you're hoping you won't have to gallop over there in a hurry. But Connor nods towards it. 'If you need to escape, that way. Lots more hiding places. To the left is very bare: you won't have much of a chance.' You wish you had paid more attention to James' lesson about fells, but now you're much further away than you've ever been. Away in front of you, you see a narrow valley leading to a wide expanse of flat land stretching out for miles, with a line of misty blue hills on the far side. 'What are those blue remembered hills?' Connor quotes softly and then swears violently in the same breath. (me: if you don't know what that quote's from, look it up! Or not. It doesn't matter teally.) You drop down into the head of the gully. 'Take the reins now.' Connor take his arms from about you and jumps down. You
  7. Connor leads the horse down the steep gully, and then turns up a small rocky gully to the side. A little way up he stops and passes you the rope. The sides are steep, but not too steep to scramble up, and you're screened from below and above by bends in the gully. In fact, you have to admit, it's a pretty good place to pick. And also to ambush, you think slightly nervously. You realise Connor is speaking to you (you: how could i not notice?!!!). 'If I'm not back within the hour, go home. Straight up that bank (there's a sheep trod, if you look closely), on until you hit the track, left and then right at the junction. You'll know your way after that.' You hope devoutly that you will (or that he will come back sooner!). Connor turns to add 'And tell them not to look for me. If I'm not back by then, chances are, I won't ever be!' He laughs very bitterly. 'Good luck,' you say. 'You're right, I'll need it.' He goes.
  8. You wait for what seems like hours. You keep looking at your watch to see only 30 seconds has gone by. Several times, you hear walkers laughing and talking not very far above you, but you never see anyone. You also notice a band of cloud creeping over and obscuring what would otherwise be a very pretty sunset. You're so intent on this that you don't notice someone coming up behind you. 'Hi,___!' You jump violently, making your horse send loose stones clattering down. Looking up, you see a girl about your age with red hair, green eyes and freckles, looking down at you. You recognise her, with surprise, as a girl from your school. 'Hi, Katie,' you say. You don't actually know her at all, but you've seen her about, and just now she seems like your best friend, you are so lonely. 'Sorry, did I startle you?' she asks, climbing down into the gully. 'And where'd you get that animal from? He looks a bit ferocious, I think I'll keep my distance!' she laughs. You laugh too. 'Just a bit! He belongs to a friend of mine.' 'Cool. Why are you hiding here, by the way? Playing hide-and-seek or something?' You grin and are about to deny it, when you realise you can hardly tell her the truth. You're not even sure you want to, as really you know nothing about her. So instead you say 'Kind of.' She giggles. 'I would have thought you were a bit old for that.' Then she becomes serious. 'By the way, I've something you might like to see. Come with me, and I'll show you!' 'Thanks, but I think I'd better stay here,' you reply. You fish frantically for an excuse. 'I- I don't want to cheat - in our game, I mean.' 'Oh, it won't take a minute!' she says. 'Come on, you don't want to miss it!' 'Thanks, but all the same, I think I'll stick here,' you say.
  9. Katie changes her tone, and comes closer to you. She whispers 'I didn't want to tell you before, because you don't know who might hear, but it's about Taylor. It's important, he says you must come immediately.' You look doubtful, wondering how she managed to meet Taylor so recently, when you thought he was up on Skiddaw, which (assuming you remembered James' lessons correctly) is in the opposite direction. 'I know you're waiting for Connor,' she goes on, 'but it will only take you 5 minutes, and it's terribly important. Please,___, or it will be too late!' 'Well, OK, but please be quick,' you agree. You follow her up out of the gully, the horse slipping and sliding on the loose stones. 'Wouldn't it be easier to dismount?' Katie asks. 'No, we're OK now,' you reply, reaching the top. The mist is now quite thick, and you reckon the sun must be set by now. You follow her for about 5 minutes, wondering nervously if you're doing the right thing, and then she drops down into another gully. 'Phew, I remembered the way OK,' she grins. 'You'd better dismount and lead that animal down,' she adds. 'It's quite steep.' You agree and slip off him. You follow her down cautiously. At the bottom of this gulley, there is a trickle of water flowing. Added to the thick mist, the whole place has a damp, uncanny feel. You hear Katie's voice coming brightly out of the mist. 'He's just in here!' she calls, and, bending down you follow her into a small, rough, man-made cavern. You remember the cave system the guys talked about, and realise this must be it - unless it's the old mines, you think, uneasily. As you peer around in the gloom, the horse gives a sudden snort and pulls back, dragging the reins from your hand. 'Oh no!' you exclaim, but at that moment someone grabs your wrists, jerking them painfully behind you.
  10. You scream, but your voice is muffled. You try kicking but your wrists have already been bound behind your back, and your unknown captor now grabs your ankles and binds them too. 'Trussed like a chicken,' he laughs harshly and, turning your head, you see a tall guy with long, lank black hair and glittering amber eyes. He looks quite young, about your own age in fact. As your eyes meet his, he looks away uneasily. 'I'll call his lordship,' he mutters, going into a low, dark tunnel and disappearing. You look at Katie scornfully. 'So where's Taylor then?' you ask. She laughs, slightly hysterically. 'He's not here, and he's not coming here, and he's probably miles away, and no-one knows your here, and now Raymond's gone to fetch Euan, and in just a few minutes Euan will come and that will be the end of you!' She grins mockingly at you. You begin to hate her. Then she lowers her voice. 'But you've one chance to escape. Now. If you swear that you'll go somewhere far away and never come back here or to your home or to school, and you'll never have anything to do with Taylor again, EXCEPT-' she bends towards your ear and hisses in a piercing whisper 'EXCEPT to make him love me, THEN' she straightens up and looks at you triumphantly 'I'll let you go. But otherwise you'll die. And make up your mind quickly, because Euan will be here any moment now.'
  11. Suddenly you realise something. It seems inconceivable. 'So - so you brought me here to kill me, j-just because you love Taylor?' you stammer. It seems ridiculous. 'Oh yes, you think you're very clever, and he SAYS he loves you, but I know all about you, you see!' She leers at you. 'I know you have powers and you have bewitched him; I followed you to England and followed you to Keswick, and followed HIM, and that's how I met all these lovely guys - his enemies. And they want your life, and I want Taylor. Yes, I made an agreement to swap you for him! Who knows, perhaps they've caught him even now. And then I'll make him love me.' She has worked herself up so much, she seems almost insane. Then she takes a deep breath. 'But I'm giving you the chance to save your stupid, ugly little skin. All you have to do is bewitch Taylor again so that he loves me!' You stammer 'B -but I can't bewitch people! I never did, and I never can now. I can't help you!' You add with a moment of anger 'and I wouldn't if I could!' Then you lean back against the rock, glaring at her. 'Oh, it's like that is it?' she says softly, and then grabs you by the neck. 'You liar, you can, you can, I know you can! You're a witch!' she screams at you. 'Not so fast, my lady,' a voice drawls quietly. You and Katie both jump. You recognise Euan. He addresses Katie. 'That would be breaking the terms of our agreement, wouldn't it, if you let her go? And I would simply hate to have to hurt you, my lady,' - he looks mockingly at her - 'but if that happened, you wouldn't leave me any choice,' he finishes very softly indeed, his evil eyes holding yours and hers mesmerised. He draws a long knife from his belt, with a flourish, and bows to you. 'My sweet,' he says, 'the end! I do hope you enjoy it.' You start to feel slightly sick, but you can't stop looking at his evil eyes and hideous grin. Suddenly your ears catch another sound coming from the tunnel. Euan has heard it too, and he pauses, knife in mid-air. Connor bursts out of the tunnel, knife in hand, with blood dripping from it.
  12. Connor crosses the cavern in two strides and grabs Euan, hauling him away from you. Euan lunges at Connor with his knife, and Connor releases him, stepping aside quickly. 'Well?' Connor asks. 'The fight we've been waiting for?' Euan nods. 'If you like.' He laughs cruelly and adds 'I thought you were too much of a coward! I suppose you've no choice now though.' Connor gives no sign that he's heard, other than a flicker of fire in his suddenly keen green eyes. He is wiping the blade of his knife clean on the moss growing round the walls. 'By the way,' he says lightly, as he bends forward to cut your bonds, keeping a wary eye on Euan, 'Your servant Hugo is no more. I'm afraid he and I came to a little disagreement.' Euan just laughs. He is looking at you. 'Well, release her if you like, but she won't get far. My men are outside, and they've orders to kill anyone who tries to escape.' You see Katie's eyes widen with fear, and you realise she's let herself in for more than she bargained for! You restrain a giggle, feeling now is not the moment to draw attention to yourself. Euan adds, as he and Connor face each other, 'And the prize is ____: her life - or death!' They start circling around each other, menacingly, knives in hand. You bend down to rub your ankles where the rope had bound them, and watch, with fascinated horror. As Connor passes close by you, he whispers 'Get out, if you can. You're just trapped in here.' You nod, and watch as the two begin circling each other again, occasionally making lunges with their blades. Connor is younger, but taller, and he moves lightly on his feet. Euan is somewhat heavier, but also very quick, and you realise it's going to be a close fight. Remembering Connor's advice, you are starting to edge towards the door when you see the guy who tied you up, Raymond, in a shadowy corner. He is in the act of a raising a gun and aiming it at Connor. Horrified, you watch him, and then realise with surprise that his hands are trembling. You wonder if he's afraid, and decide it's worth a try. You edge up to him. 'Cheat!' you hiss. 'Dirty coward!' His eyes flash to you, and he starts back, putting a hand over his face as though to shield himself. The gun drops to the ground with a clatter. He backs away in panic. You realise he is afraid of you, and decide now is your chance. You pick up the gun, and beckon to him. 'Come with me.' You try to make yourself look as forbidding as possible 'Or I shall curse you with the 79 curses of - of' you lose inspiration, and finish desperately with the first word that come to mind:
  13. Raymond has obviously not caught what you said, or is too plain terrified, because he follows you to the entrance, muttering some random thing. You glance at the two guys still fighting. As you step out into the gulley, the cold, damp air catches you and makes you shiver. Raymond jumps back nervously. A gun is suddenly pointed at your head. 'Who is it?' a harch voice says. Raymond steps forward. 'M-me, R-raymond, and a friend,' he stammers. The gun is lowered and the guy holding it steps back. You look round for your horse helplessly. 'My horse,' you say imperiously to Raymond, wondering how long this is going to last, and whether he is about to turn on you and kill you. He turns to the guard. 'A h-horse I had?' 'Oh, it was yours?' grunts the guard. He disappears and a minute later re-emerges from the shadows with the ferocious black horse. You take hold of the reins and realise you are too stiff and the horse is too tall to mount. You decide to risk it again. 'Put me in the saddle,' you say to Raymond. He gasps. 'Preserve me Beelzebub,' he mutters. You giggle. He starts nervously. 'Hurry up about it,' you say sternly. He picks you up cautiously, muttering some kind of charm or spell all the time and puts you on the horse's back, stepping back immediately. But unfortunately, the guard has caught sight of your face. 'The princess!' he shouts. 'Catch her, catch her!' From the cave to your right you hear the clash of metal from the guys fighting. Behind, you hear answering shouts and curses from Euan's men. You kick the horse, who, panicking, charges straight up the gulley. From behind come gun-shots, but by a miracle none of them hit you. You realise they can't see you in the darkness and mist. You also realise you are entirely alone and there isn't anyone to help you. You
  14. Let's assume you picked the last one. (if you didn't, you're dead anyway, so you might as well leave. Or change your answer.) You try to remember Connor's instructions when he left you the first time. He told you to go on until you hit the track and then turn left. You've no idea where you are now, but since you didn't cross a track, maybe if you go on upwards you will hit the track. Well, you get to the top of the gulley, and carry on in (you hope) a straight line. Suddenly the horse stumbles on a sudden hole. You pull him round it, and go on carefully, until you hear the cruch of stones underfoot. Yay, the track! You turn left, and set off. But you hear the noise of hooves coming close behind you, and a gun goes off. You hadn't realised they were so close. The horse evidently is terrified of guns, because he breaks into a gallop. That suits you, so you lie close over his neck, in the hope that any bullets will go over your head. You wonder what to do with Raymond's gun, which you are still holding.
  15. The problem is solved for you, because your horse stumbles, suddenly up to his knees in bog. You frantically pull him out, but the gun falls into the little pond and disappears. You shrug as there's nothing you can do about it, and gallop on. Unfortunately, the path is a lot rougher now. There are lots of patches of bog, stones and tiny ponds. You are reduced to a trot. You remember Connor's instructions. Something about 'then turn right'. You have a horrid feeling you've gone too far. You certainly haven't been here before. Maybe you missed the turn when you were galloping. You
  16. You sit, irresolute, as your horse trots on, but, as you turn to look back, the clouds blow away, and the mist clears. You see close behind about a dozen men and horses. Of course, you realise, they have been creeping up on you, because they know the land and you don't. However, you can now see the way, as the moon is bright, so you kick your horse on. As you gallop, you hear the hooves behind you. You are approaching a knob of land with a rocky summmit. The track goes on, and your horse scrambles frantically up, dislodging stones. As you look up, a dark figure moves back into the shadow of the cairn. (I think I told you, that's a pile of stones. This one is on the top of the summit, and very high, like, taller than you.)
  17. You pull your horse away to the left of the cairn and hit on a little sheep-trod, which you decide to follow. Down to the left you see the edge of the fell, with, far below, an expanse of flat land. You're now heading towards the edge fast, hoping it won't be too steep a descent. Behind you, you hear your pursuers have reached the stony summit, but although you hear the clatter of hooves and people shouting, the summit blocks them out of view. But your horse is now terrified and is heading as fast as he can straight for the edge. You realise you have no control whatsoever over him. You start to panic, instinctively feeling that it's not safe. You desperately try to turn him, but it's too late. You have come to the edge, and find yourself looking down on a hideous drop, with rocks and scree below. The horse screams, as his forelegs scrabble desperately for a grip, kicking stones down. But he slips, and you feel the sickening sensation of dropping through space.
  18. Well, yes, you're right, this is the end of this part. Sorry most of the guys didn't come into this part much, they will do in the next one though (unless you died...). But anyway, who do you like best?
  19. OK, bye!

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