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This is an update on My Magical Life. So, I'm redoing it and making us in third year. I'm more comfortable writing in third year. It's still going to be in first person though

I'm going to post a bio on the character today, so watch out for that. And if I don't post for some time it's because of braces. So yeah, goooooodbye

Created by: EagleHeart

  1. Hi people!!
  2. So, if you look at my page, I have this series called My Magical Life (or MML).
  3. I've been thinking, and I'm going to end it.
  4. Well,I'm not going to END it as in never make anymore but, I'm going to redo it.
  5. So since MML started in 1st year, I'm going to have the redo in 3rd year.
  6. So yeah!
  7. In MML Year 3, get ready for love. Because,you know, you're 13.
  8. Bye!!

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