Ancient Greece Test: At War

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Created by: Riptide
  1. What are Greek foot soldiers called?
  2. Who were Ephebes?
  3. True or False. The main attacking formation was called a phalanx?
  4. How long were the Greek soldiers spears?
  5. How would the leading troops hold their spears?
  6. So why did the rear rows hold their spears upwards?
  7. Why was cavalry not suitable for chariots during war?
  8. What season was called the "fighting season"?
  9. Who were the slaves who protected the flanks of the phalanx?
  10. True or False. Ordinary citizens could make up armies, which were led by aristocrats from the rich families.
  11. What was the name of the war which forced populations of cities into slain and slavery?

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