An Awesome Hogwarts Love Story! Part 2

Okay so This quiz is an awesome Hogwarts Love story FOR GIRLS ONLY, it's just one of those regular love stories, but this one is based on Harry Potter and his awesome friends(and enemies) he made at Hogwarts. I'm really new at making love story quizzes so, ya know, dont judge me please, i'm only human!... well i hope you like it! (:

Are you gonna end up gettin the guy you want in this quiz? You'll never know unless you try it! okay the quizzes are going to skip their first year at hogwarts(mainly because i'd just waiste my time on tht quiz cuz they dont date yet,anyway)so itll be from 2nd until the 6th year, because harry didnt go to school in his seventh year. so take my quiz (:

Created by: HPFreak123567

  1. Although there was so many problems and stress, and your fellow classmates were so emotional, it turned out you had a great year last year!
  2. So you were on the Hogwarts Express, sitting by Harry, Ron, Hermione, and a new proffessor. All of a sudden, Dementors come on the train(obviously looking for sirius black) and they found Harry. Harry passed out!
  3. Harry had to go to the hospital wing, Hermione had to go to prof. McGonagal and see about her course schedule, so you and Ron went to the common room. What did you guys do?
  4. At breakfast next morning, Draco and his gang made immitations of harry when the dementors attacked hi on the train. What do you say/do?
  5. weeks later, you are going to go see an animal that hagrid is having you guys see. Well, the animal is a hippogriff, and harry rides him. then malfoy steps up to it, and calls it names, so it kicks him! he has to go to the hospital wing.. what do you do?
  6. draco didnt come to classes till that thursday in double potions(slytherin and gryffindor) with his arm wrapped in bandages. you say:
  7. okay, on halloween, you guys are going to the common room, but find a crowd. sirius black apparently tried to get in the gryffindor common room to find harry, so all Hogwarts students have to sleep in the great hall while they search for him. in the great hall, you can't sleep. why is that?
  8. During the really stormy quidditch match, the dementors got so hungry for happy thoughts, that they came to the quidditch field, while harry was out of sight, and he passed out and fell lots of feet to the ground. in the hospital, while he is just getting unconcious, he says your name!
  9. ok so harry stays in hospital wing, and you go back to your dormitory to sleep. You have a dream...
  10. When you wake up, you're disappointed bcuz u find tht it was only a dream ): but you are on your way to use you owl and send a letter to your family, when you hear a scream.. what do you do?
  11. On Christmas morning, you guys wake up and open your presents; It turns out you got a present from Oliver.
  12. So one night, Ron and Harry are asleep with their fellow 3rd year Gryffindor boys, when Ron screams and wakes Harry, Neville, Seamus, and Dean up. Sirius Black was in their and cut his curtains open.
  13. well, im skippin a couple months later to when they find sirius black.. and this dont count for the quiz
  14. when you and the other 3 are leaving hagrids, while buckbeak gets his execution :'(, scabbers sees crookshanks and jumps out of rons pocket, but when they finally catch the rat, they are at the whomping willow. Then they see 'the grim' and it bites rons leg and pulls him through a hole, but when you try to get in, the tree smacks you away. but you finally get in, crawl through the tunnel, and find that you are in the shrieking shack.
  15. sirius black is the dog!
  16. You now find out the story that sirius isn't mean; peter pettigrew(ron's rat) is, and you decide to take him to the dementors. and when you are on your way to get back, proffessor lupin changes to werewolf. he tries to hurt you, and manages it, by knocking you down and clawin your side and stomach. you'll never guess who stepped in and saved you!.
  17. it was neville!
  18. well, he jumps in front of you ya know and sirius jumps in and fight the werewolf, so you guys are safe. but neville decides to leave, cuz he was almost killed.
  19. well, now the wolf is fighting sirius(as a dog of course) and hurts him. then the wolf runs to the woods to look for the other wolf, while sirius ran down by the lake and passed out; where harry joined 5 minutes later. the dementors came and got sirius, while he was passed out, but some1 on other side of lake used a patronus and cast dementors away. but then harry passed out, and woke in hospital wing, where he finds sirius is boutta get the dementors kiss, so you, harry, and hermione(cuz ron can't walk) use hermiones time-turner and go back 3 hours in time, to save two innocent lives.
  20. you save sirius and buckbeak, and you also meet draco. you are at hagrids pumpkin patch, and you saw dracos laughter as he hears hagrid weeping about buckbeak, but when he saw you, he ran and tried to kiss you(and i know this is a random place to put that, but who cares, right?) what did you do?
  21. okay so thats the end of this quiz, and i know it wasn't that good, but im really tired, so you cant blame me! :)

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