Amp world member quiz

This quiz is about amp world member and its ok if you get some wrong I did myself lol. This is fun to play with friends who also enjoy watching amp world of for fun! :)

Let me know if should do more quizzes of if there is a problem either comment of email me thank you for playing my quiz. This quiz is not very hard and should be pretty easy! :)

Created by: Brynlee
  1. What's the name of the blonde girl in amp world?
  2. Who does lexi h live with?
  3. what's the name of lexi R brother
  4. Who does everyone ship?
  5. What's Jeremys age?
  6. What did brent do when ben and lexi were dating
  7. Is brent over protective of lexi?
  8. What color did alex dye his hair?
  9. What is the name of the twins?
  10. And lastley what is lexis R's favorite food?

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