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Come with me and travel into a world of fantasy, and also of reality. You are having trouble fitting in at your new school, but what happens when you become a member of the legendary Fernpack?

I'm sorry if this is not long enough, but it is enough to prove your worth and loyalty in your new pack. Are you ready for the challenge? Then, come here and get ready to become a member of a legend!

Created by: Pansypetal

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  1. You are Y/N L/N, a teenager who lives in London. About a year ago your family moved to England after your father's job at the factory shut down. Now, your mother works as an editor at home, sending you to a public school when at home you had a private tutor. Your father found a new job and works there. You have siblings, but they have moved out of the home, since they are grown up now and with their own family; you are the only kid left in the house. Most of the time you feel like an only child. And you never seem to fit in at school, being the person who is shy and quiet. That sure happened today, when the school bell rang and nobody came to tell you good-bye.
  2. Since nobody was your friend, you had to be your own. That was not as comforting as having a real person to be your buddy, but it was real enough. You opened the door to your apartment as you thought about all these things. Your mother raised a hand where she sat typing on her computer.
  3. If you tried to talk to your mom, she didn't answer and you ran up to your room. You put your backpack in a corner and parked your chin up on your hands, wishing there was something to do.
  4. Without feeling like it, you reached out and picked a book from your shelf. Opening it, you realized it was a library book you hadn't read yet. It was about animal myths and legends that ancient people used to tell. As you flipped through the book, you found a bookmark that must have been from somebody that had read this book. Strangely, it was inserted in a page that read about a mythical pack called Fernpack.
  5. When you were about to just turn the page, your eye caught something. The type read: EXPERTS ARE NOT ENTIRELY SURE, BUT THERE MAY BE SOME MEMBERS OF FERNPACK TURNED HUMAN. Interesting...
  6. You stopped reading as your mother called you for dinner. Today it was cheese casserole with salad on the menu. As usual, it was eerily silent at the table. Your father was reading the newspaper, while your mother was texting on her phone. You sat, quietly eating.
  7. Later, at bedtime, you gazed out the window and faintly saw the moon. You could almost see a wolf howling into the night. But then the vision faded and there was just ordinary cars and city life yet again.
  8. You shut your eyes, and it seemed only a second before they opened. But now, you felt like you were in the city bustle...no, you were in an alleyway. And you could just faintly see four wolf shapes bending near you...wait, wolves? It must be a dream...
  9. "He/She's awake," chimed in a voice. You could finally make out the wolves' markings. One was gray with splotches of white, another one was brown with a tint of golden-gray. One other was almost ginger, mixing in with a tan-brown. And the other wolf was light gray, with tints of different colored white.
  10. The light gray wolf let out a bark of understanding at you. "You cannot return to your home until dawn. In the meantime, stay with us."
  11. You later find out that you are a member of Fernpack, and that you have been connected to the existing members. You also learn that, at night, you are to be with the other members, and, by day, you are to live your human life. Are you ready to prove your loyalty?

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