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Hey you muffin head! Come over for a Among Us Intelligence Quiz! You should click on this quiz because its your future! More like your Among Us Future!

Ok Muffin.......There are only 10 questions and im craving to buy among us but I can't! I know how intelligent you should be as a pro! Come and snuggle in my world!

Created by: AdorableMango11 of Useful Website:
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  1. If you were imposter and you killed in front of a player what would you do?
  2. If you were in Proximotity Chat and you heard screams what would you do?
  3. If your friend kills you how would you react? Be Truthful.
  4. If someone killed your friend, what would you do with their pet?
  5. Would you be a imposter?
  6. Would you be a crewmate
  7. Would you be a pet?
  8. Would you be a spectator?
  9. Do you Like Among Us? (Free Question)
  10. What have you beaten in Minecraft? (Depends)

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