Am I too fat!!!!!!!

Am I fat? You tell me. I think I'm fat but I need other people's opinions so whether you think I'm obese,overweight,fat,chubby,or thin take this quiz and tell me

I could keep all this info to myself but no, I tell you so you can determine how fat I am, I would like to know thank you and your helping me realize how much weight I need to lose

Created by: Doglover1618

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  1. I have 5 fat rolls when I sit
  2. I weigh 150 and my height is 5'6
  3. I weigh 150 and my height is 5'6
  4. My tummy is 36in. Around
  5. I jiggle when I walk
  6. I can't see my feet when standing up straight and looking down even when I push my belly
  7. I can lose a wii remote in my fat rolls
  8. My belly button blends in with my fat rolls
  9. I can only feel fat, even when I suck in my gut
  10. Plz comment!

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