Am I skinny chubby or fat?

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I have been wondering like a lot of people these days have. Am I fat? Skinny? Chubby? Should I gain? Lose? Stay the same? I made this quiz so I can get an answer.

This is mostly aimed toward boys opinion on me but girls can take it too. When you are done if you wouldn’t mind to comment what you think about my body more specificity so I get a better idea. Thanks and enjoy this quiz!

Created by: Skyler
  1. Let’s start simple. I am a 13 year old girl, I am 5’3 and I weigh 130lbs.
  2. When I sit my belly hangs over my jeans about 2 inches and almost touches my lap.
  3. When I sit I could stick my whole finger in my belly button.
  4. When I walk my thighs touch and jiggle
  5. When I jump, run, speed walk and even walk normally my belly jiggles
  6. I have a over hang and smallish muffin top both standing and sitting and I have very squishy love handles.
  7. When I sit I have to medium fat rolls
  8. I have 3 meals every day with 3-4 snack in between
  9. I am a size medium, large or even xL shirt and a size large, xL or even xxL jeans
  10. When I stand up facing a wall to my toes are touching it, my belly touches it as well.
  11. When I stand up with a straight back and look straight down, I can see my belly, tips of toes and the floor

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