Am i going to have a lot of kids

Have you ever wondered if you would have a big family or if it would be a small one or maybe it was just you or you and a partner. This quiz could help indicate if there is going to be another big family in the world.(witch is a good thing).

These answers might not be true and they cant indicate you future but they can give you an idea of what your house might look like when you are older.

Created by: Faith

  1. Is your family big?
  2. Do you have a lot of aunts and uncles?
  3. Does you baby mama/daddy have a lot of brother or sisters?
  4. Do you have a lot of brother or sisters?
  5. Do you want to adopt more than one child?
  6. Do you want of lot of kids?
  7. Can you support all of the kids?
  8. Are/will you be ready to support the kids/your children?
  9. Do you want to keep the family jean going?
  10. Does you family have the jean?

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