Am I gender fluid?

Some people feel very feminine some days, and very manly others. And others are very comfortable with their gender. For people who experience the first description, this quiz is for you! If you feel confused with the feeling of being somebody else for a change, take this quiz!

If you know that your gender fluid anyway, take this quiz for the heck of it. Because you’re you, and that all that matters. Never forget that. Now REEEEEEE

Created by: Kevin Warclub

  1. What gender are you? Does not effect result
  2. Do you like being female?
  3. Do you like being male?
  4. Have you ever liked the idea of being another gender, but not leaving your default gender?
  5. What is your sexuality?
  6. Her are some random questions so I can publish this quiz!Do you watch Pokemon?
  7. Oh, btw, these question won’t effect anything.Have you ever been to a gay parade? I haven’t
  8. Do you believe in yourself and accept you for who you are?
  9. Have you ever played undertale?
  10. For you non-heterosexual people out there, just because you’re not one of them, do you hate straight people? ( please say no I would be sad, but I respect you)

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