How much do you know about gender stereotypes?

This is a serious quiz. Many people don't know the real impacts of gender stereotypes. I will quiz you on matters like the gender pay gap, education differences, and even murder.

Yes, you read that right. Gender stereotypes are linked to MURDER. I'm not joking. These are real facts from various credible sources, including professors of linguistics and neuroscience experts.

Created by: QueenGlory
  1. Let's get straight to the point. Murder.
  2. Out of 53 indiscriminate mass shootings in public places from 2013 to 2019, how many had at least one female suspect?
  3. Almost everyone charged with a violent crime in Jamaica is:
  4. One out of how many children witness severe brutality in Jamaica?
  5. Even _____ mothers give girls more sympathy when hurt than boys.
  6. To be a ____ means to be dominant, tough and never back down.
  7. Now, on to the less frightening topics.
  8. Prom dates! Could there be anything sexist linked to these harmless high school traditions?
  9. In California, boys "rank" the girls in their classes and draw from a lottery to select their prom date from the pool. This tradition has underlying themes of:
  10. True or false: Girls are getting better grades than boys in advanced classes.
  11. Girls ______ their skills in STEM (generally male-dominated areas) classes and _____ their ability to succeed in advanced classes, so they don't join higher-level courses when they should.
  12. Boys who _______ their abilities in the same area remain in higher-level classes when they shouldn't, which brings the average scores of advanced-learning boys ____.
  13. Only girls with what take advanced courses?
  14. Boys see what classes as a threat to their masculinity?
  15. Investing in girls' education can reduce what?
  16. Who's better at packing the car and driving?
  17. Why did you take this quiz?
  18. What is the gender pay gap?
  19. Who's better at discerning emotions and reading maps?
  20. True or false: The gender pay gap was caused in part by women's choices of college major.
  21. Women in college choose to major in lower-paying areas because they doubt their ability to succeed in what areas?
  22. The gap has _______ from 1975 to 1999.
  23. One year after college, women earn __% of when men earn and 10 years after college, they earn __% of that men earn.
  24. Do women tell men how to do everything better?
  25. When women in authority are assertive, powerful, and confident, they're viewed as what?
  26. When women are in authority, it can trigger:
  27. When men are in positions of leadership, it is:
  28. When women are in positions of leadership, they are:
  29. Why did I make this quiz?
  30. Where do you stand on gender stereotypes?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about gender stereotypes?