Am I Trans, Cis, or Non-binary? (gender fluid, agender, etc)

Ever wondered if you might be trans or non-binary? Already identify as trans or non-binary, but want to know if you're binary trans, gender fluid, or another identity under the trans/gender-non conforming umbrella? This is the quiz for you!

Written by a trans person. This quiz is intended to be helpful but is not definitive. If you are currently going down a rabbit hole of these, please take care of yourself and your mind and know that there are some things that are not in your control, but that doesn't mean the world is going to end <3 you matter, you are loved, and no matter what you identify as, you are valid.

Created by: oz
  1. I feel most like myself when I dress like/am seen as:
  2. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with certain parts of my body associated with my gender assigned at birth (chest, hips, hair length, body/facial hair or lack thereof, genitals, etc)
  3. I would be happiest/most myself if other people saw me as
  4. In the vacuum of space with only me around around, I think I would consider myself
  5. If I lived another life in another world with no repercussions socially or otherwise, I would like to see what it's like to be
  6. True or False: I have come out as/thought I might be bisexual or gay, even though I've never actually felt (much) attraction to the same sex
  7. I feel strangely drawn to movies with gay or lesbian protagonists of the "opposite" gender from what I was assigned at birth
  8. Sometimes I just wish I could be "feminine like boys are" or "masculine like some lesbians are"
  9. When people use these words to refer to me, I feel more like myself (maybe even suddenly very happy)
  10. Including my birth name, I think this kind of name would be the most fun to have

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