Am I Fat Or Not?

do you wonder what others think of you? are you fat or thin in their minds? do they look good constantly and you feel ugly and fat 24/7? stop feeling this way.

are you fat? are you skinny? you'll see by taking this quiz! it is not that long so take it please:) in a couple minutes you'll know what others think. i hope this brightens your day up.

Created by: megan

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you think you are fat?
  2. why are you taking this quiz?
  3. do you love yourself and your body?
  4. do others call you fat?
  5. are you comfortable wearing clothes that you love?
  6. this isn't a question, but I want anyone and everyone who takes this quiz to know that everyone has their own body, and you should love it. If others call you fat, don't talk to them because they are mean and probably have some self confidence issues themselves. If someone made you take this quiz or you want to know if other think you are fat, you are not, and whoever made you take this wanted to make you feel bad about yourself. good thing this quiz is designed to make you feel good!
  7. has this quiz made you feel better about yourself?
  8. love yourself and you will find someone who loves and appreciates you just as much. remember that someone loves u and you are beautiful and amazing and smart and be kind to others so that they can feel good about themselves too.
  9. i'm outta questions dudes dudettes sorry but don't forge that you are beatiful and i love u all.
  10. :) be happy and appreciate what you have

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