Am I Depressed?

Are you worried that you might have depression? Then take this quiz to see how severe it is!( before making assumptions I would like to advise that you research this thoroughly as this is a serious topic and nothing to take lightly people die every year because of depression leading them to think about dangerous ideas and progress getting even worse and leading people to have suicidal thoughts and way, way worse things, so please research this, think about this, and express how you’re feeling to family members, friends, professionals really anyone you feel safe enough to talk to!

(Please, if you are truly worried take this up with a healthcare professional, do not self diagnose yourself with something this important and deadly, this is a serious topic and not to be taken lightly, thank you 🙏😊)

Created by: Lenia
  1. On a daily basis how often do you go out?
  2. On average how motivated are you?
  3. How healthy would you say you normally eat?
  4. If you had the choice to hang with friends what would your answer be?
  5. Do you ever just try to feel happier (or something) by eating? (I don’t mean when you’re stressed or bored I mean whe you’re really sad and think food will make you happy)
  6. How much did you connect to these questions?
  7. Have you been to a doctor?
  8. Are you worried you may have another mental health problem?
  9. Have you told any relatives, close friends e.t.c?
  10. Did you find this quiz helpful?

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