Am i awesome or not

There is a lot of people on this world that is awesome, and a couple of people in this world that are not so awesome. If you want to see if your awesoome though, than take this quiz. :)

Are you awesome?Do you know? Well if you don't know that you are awesome or not, then take this quiz. Thanks to this quiz not you can see if you are truely awesome or not.

Created by: Ajdark45865 Austin Tardif

  1. Do you like rap music?
  2. Do you like to ride on your skatebourd?
  3. DO U LIKE TO play with barby girls? :(
  4. Are you lazy?
  5. What color is your hair?
  6. What hair color do you really want?
  7. Are you entergetic?
  8. I like to play video games?
  9. Do you like to where black?
  10. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  11. Are you bad?
  12. Favorita color?
  13. Do you have a pet?
  14. What is your favorita singer or band?
  15. Who is your favorita actor?

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