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  • Haha, pretty good, man. But I honestly know myself and this quiz didn't exactly tell me how it really is. But I don't blame you; you only can tell if I'm a Werewolf through a quiz and you don't know me in real life. Trust me, if you knew me in person, you wouldn't be saying I'm only 70 percent. But you don't, so just judging by the quiz, you had pretty good questions and answers, so good job. And by the way, the technical name for a Werewolf is Lycanthrope. Just thought I'd let you know. (:

  • You are 90% a werewolf. Nice quiz, it's completely accurate....

  • You are 78% werewolf!

    You are probly a werewolf but to make sure you should get bitten by a werewolf, get blood from one in your bloodstreem or drink froma cursed river!

    ok, i'll go do that

  • I'm 100% werewolf. Yes!

  • Im 96% warewolf witch i knew becus im a blood brother with a warewolf

  • m 68 oercent tsk tsk tsk i thought i could do better


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