Am I a Mermaid?quiz

Hello! This is a mermaid quiz, to find out if you are a mermaid or not, click on this quiz to find out your mermaid future! I believe you can be a mermaid if you really wanna be one!!!

Thanks you for clicking on this quiz, please answer all the questions, I hope you do well, come back every time you feel something new happens! I have faith in you! Do this with a friend or a few!

Created by: alison1264

  1. Do you believe you are, or will be, a mermaid
  2. What color is your tail
  3. Pick a favorite food
  4. When can I catch you swimming
  5. Pick a favorite Mermaid name
  6. Where do you like swimming
  7. Do you open your eyes under water?
  8. Do you like this quiz? (no affect)
  9. Pick a characteristic your mermaid self would have
  10. Do you do exercices to hold your breath longer?
  11. Do you think you’ll do well on this quiz
  12. How old are you
  13. When you see water...
  14. Mermaid show

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