what type of mermaid queen are you you

Do you want to know weather you a true leader of the oceans or if, your a mischievoushook if you want to find out what queen you are and type of mermaid the take this quiz.

In just a few minuites of this quiz you will find out what peraon you are and what your like are you a gothic mermaid or 1 of airels sisters its your turn to find out.

Created by: angelfish

  1. What colour would your tail be?
  2. What name would you have?
  3. What ocean/sea would you live in?
  4. What type of diamond would you have in your crown?
  5. What would you sea buddy be?
  6. Would you live in a
  7. Would you have servants
  8. What disney princess would be your sister?
  9. What would you staff be?
  10. What one of these would be your power

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Quiz topic: What type of mermaid queen am I you