Am I a good person

I am going to just hit random things starting now. I know my father is the wolf that I know my mom let me down is good for you and I will be happy to see a doctor if you want me to get u so I am going for the job at the store I can split it down until I get home and they knocked me out and then I will 8or to go

The gri was a little more guy than I thought u 8and and I can't wait until tomorrow night to see a puppy and I 6I have a hotspot from my house to the store

Created by: Bam

  1. Do u have a friend if so do u treat them with respect?
  2. Do u like to talk to others?
  3. Do I care?
  4. What do u think people think about u?
  5. Wow
  6. U r stupid
  7. Fu-k u
  8. I am going to be a Baker
  9. I love jaron Baker *smirks*
  10. Last question do u treat others the way u want to be treated

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