A Big Time Rush short story #1 Pt.6

Summary: Carlos is finally learning to drive and Kendall's happy for him. But while that's going on. Kendall start meeting up with his abusive father and everything is just sucky.

Disclaimer: I don't own BTR in anyway. I'd love it if I did. We'd be the best of friends. Other things to say: I am so sorry I was to tired to write. I am a terrible person.:(

Created by: AmazingAuthor

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  1. I was starting to get a little dizzy, having Kendall pulling me around. "Kendall! I can run to you know!" I gasped. Kendall suddenly stopped running. "I know.. I'm just afraid you'll leave me." he muttered. He swallowed and turned his back to me and walked away. I just stood there. I was thinking about what Kendall just said to me. Was he speaking metaphorically or did he mean it exactly. I found his figure walking further from me. I ran up to him. "Kendall?" I asked. He glanced at me to let me know he was listening. "Are you happy?" I asked. that was the stupidest question known to man. Kendall stopped suddenly causing me to bump into him. "You did not just ask me that question." he said, raising an eyebrow. "Um.. Maybe I didn't.." I trailed. "To answer your question, I'm as happy as a man entering hell." Kendall muttered and started to walk again. "Where am I going?" He asked quietly. He nodded as he saw the bathroom sign. When he got in there, he completely broke down. He cried really hard and slid down to his knees and cried. "He's watching me! Waiting for me to crack so he can attack me and break me in half!! I know he is!" Kendall cried. "C'mon.. Kenny, your exaggerating." I said softly and sat next to him. "No! He knows that I'm paranoid! That's why he hasn't even done anything to me yet. And he's gonna get the people that I love meaning you and James and Katie and my mom!" Kendall said. Wait.. What about Logan?
  2. I waved that out of mind and realized something. Kendall was truly scared. He has never been so paranoid. I sat him on my lap and kissed his forehead. "I won't let him do that to you." I said and cupped his head in my hands and kissed his lips quickly. Kendall put his head on my shoulder. "Carlitos, I'm scared." he whimpered as he began to cry again. "Shh.. Hey, your Kendall Knight!" I said. "Do you know what that means?" I lifted his head so his eyes met mine. Those green orbs were always what you want to look at. "No.." he looked up at me and put his arms around my neck. "It means your strong, not to mention, way better looking than what handsome describes. And your very brave. And right now your not being that." Kendall smiled at me. "You think I'm brave?" he asked, his eyes watered over. I nodded. "Yeah! Either that or you have a lot of nerve considering the way you mess with Gustavo sometimes." I returned Kendall's smile. "I think it's nice that you think I'm brave but that's the biggest lie ever told." Kendall put his head back onto my shoulder. Then Kendall's dad walked in. "Um.. the blonde one dropped this." he said while clearing his throat. Kendall took his spongebob wallet and looked through it. He furrowed his brow and glared at the dude. "Give it back man," he said. The man sighed and handed Kendall a card. "Thanks.." Kendall said quietly whith his voice trembling. The man nodded and walked out. Kendall was about to cry, I could tell. "He stole my wallet and tried to take my gift to you!!" Kendall cried into my stomach. I sighed and softly soothed him, knowing that I was going have to deal with stuff like this a little more often.
  3. ******Kendalls POV one week later**** I know he's watching me. I saw him again while taking a walk with Carlos. He's trying to drive me insane. Which he really is. Carlos calms me down a lot and it works. Until I see him again. t He hyperventilating starts and I feel as if the walls are closing in on me. When I talked to my mok about it, she just laughed in my face and said:"Oh Kendall, you worry to much." when I tried to tell. Her what was really happning, she got mad at me and sent me to my room. I told Carloa about it and he told me that I should go take a nap and maybe I'd feel better later. That's just what Carlos does whenever he doesn't know what to do. I did what he told me and yeah, I felt better but when I woke up, I saw something that completely broke my heart. It was Carlos. Not shedding silent tears; but the happy and energetic Latino sobbing in James's arms. He was crying so hard that hE was shaking enough that I could see him from where I was. "James?" I asked while getting up. "Don't worry, he's a little stressed out. " James whispered. I nodded. The only person who can calm Carlos down when he's stressed is James. Why? Well James has this soft feel to him that's warm and loving. Anyone would want James to hOld them when they need a hug. But anyway, Carlos always cries when he's stressEd out or sad or angry. "James?" he whimPered and ket his head in James's shoulder. "Hm?" James smiled at Carlos. "Don't tell Kendall about this. I don't want him worried about me." Carlos said while wipin his nose. James nodded and kissed his forehead. I felt a jelousy bolt into me. It's nothin kendall, dont worry abOut it. I thought to myself. But of course I let my jealousy get the best of me.
  4. *******James's Pov******* I have never seen the hyper Latino so down before. It broke my heart when he walked into the room with his eyes red and puffy. My first thought was omigosh! My little Carlitos looks so cute and vulnerable! "Jamie.." he whimpered as he sniffled. I held out my arms for a hug and Carlos went into them releasing sobs that he was Probably holding in. "I'm sorry, I'm just so stressed because of Kendall and and Maria and I am afraid that I'm gonna just ugh!" he broke down into his sobs again. "You must think that I'm a huge baby." he mumbled into my shirt. I furrowed my eyebrows. "No I dont. Your just the type of Person to cry when he's sad or mad or stressed. It's ok." I said while rubbing his back. "He came here." Carlos mumbled after a while. "who?" I asked and pulled him off my shirt. "Kendall's dad. He demanded to see Kendall and I said that Kendall wasn't home. Then he got mad and threatened to kill me. Luck for me, Logan was there and knocked him out and got him out of the house but stil..." he trailed looking into my eyes. "It's ok buddy. You're fine" I said as e cried into my shirt.
  5. That was when Kendall Woke up and I told him that Carlos was just really stressed. Kendall nodded and layEd back down, but I knew something was going to happen. I sighed and pushed the thought away. "Jamesy?" Carlos looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes. "Yes, my little 'Litos?" I smiled at him and he returned the smile. "Can we watch WWE? Watching that always makes me feel better." he said. "Sure buddy." I said and took him downstairs to the living room so we could watch. I'm not really a fan of that stuff, but I kinda think it's cool to see a bunch of guys get beat up. At times when the fights got a little to much, Carlos would put his head into my shirt until I told him it was ok. It was really cute. Kendall came down saying that he wanted to have some guy time with me. "Um.. Ok sure." I said and Kendall sat between me and Carlos. He kissed Carlos on the cheek. "So how's MY boyfriend today?" Kendall said and put his arms around Carlos. "I'm fine." Carlos muttered quickly. He doesn't like to be around the person who causes him stress. Not that he doesn't like Kendall cuz he really does. I never saw Carlos show that much love. But after someone causes you so much stress, yo just want a little away time from them. Exactly how Carlos was feeling. I decided to leave the two alone considering the awkwardness that was taking place. "Um... I promised to go help Katie with something Down. At the park... " I lied. "Ok, Katies in her room." Kendall said. I nodded and went to her room. I knocked on her door. "Katie, can I come in?" I asked. "Yeah sure.." she answered. When. I walked into her room, she was holding a kitten. "Oh wait, you weren't supposed to see that. " she said while trying to hide him. "Don't worry, it's fine, what'd you name him?" I asked while scratching behind his ear. "Your gonna laugh." she said and looked down.
  6. Right when Katie was gonna tell me, a man that kinda looks like Kendall crashd in and took Katie and jumPed out the window with her.
  7. That's it for now.
  8. Please comment and stuff I wanna know how terrible I'm doing on this.
  9. Special thanks to Firey_Soul and Pielover511 for always takign this.
  10. So.. this story is longer than I thought it was going to be..
  11. Well bye everybody!

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